January 29, 2007

Recipe News: Recipes For The Perfect Tailgate

Try these recipes for your super bowl party.

includes recipes for:

  • PHILADELPHIA Cuban Sandwich

  • Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas

  • Guacamole

  • Grilled Tailgate Buffalo Wings

Full article here.

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January 27, 2007

Recipe News: Super Food For Super Bowl

"Planning a Super Bowl party next weekend? Then you already should be thinking about your menu, and that's where The Saturday Early Show's Chef on a Shoestring comes in.

Bradford Thompson is the award-winning chef de cuisine at Mary Elaine's in Scottsdale, Ariz. He also happens to be a huge football fan who loves hosting tailgates and viewing parties. He has developed a party menu for four on the Shoestring budget of $40.

Mary Elaine's has scored some of the most coveted industry awards such as the prestigious Five-Diamond designation by the American Automobile Association, The Mobile 5-star award, and the esteemed Grand Award from Wine Spectator magazine, one of only a handful of restaurants in the country to have garnered such impressive honors.

As chef de cuisine, Thompson is responsible for all culinary operations and oversees a staff of 60 employees."

includes recipes for:





  • Orange sugar

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipe

This recipe would be an easy one to try for your super bowl party.

includes recipe for:

  • Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipe

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Pretzels and beer, a perfect duo, bring harmony to onion soup

"Dark brown, rich with a hint of sweetness. Altbier fits that description. So does onion soup. And the two can certainly be in harmony.

During the tasting Eric Asimov hinted that he would like a pretzel recipe for these ales, so I decided to make pretzel dumplings with cheese to serve in the soup instead of the usual toasted French bread covered with cheese.

It turned out to be a fine package. While tasting the ales, I thought their malty, toasted, spicy flavors, with bitterness that sometimes suggested buckwheat and burnt caramel, would go with other soups, like lentil, and with pungent washed-rind cheeses.

The onion soup I made followed a fairly classic recipe, though I deglazed the onions with some ale for another synergistic touch. There is ale in the dumplings, too. The recipe for those was based, to some degree, on my formula for matzo balls, which I make with sparkling water. Ale's fizz was a fine substitute. With this combination of ingredients, mustard was a natural seasoning."

includes recipe for:


Full article here.

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Recipe News: Simple Slow Cooker Recipes

"Having a meal cooking at home while you're at work makes dinner so much easier. Phyllis Pellman Good has a new cookbook that'll make the process even easier: slow cooker recipes that only use five ingredients."

includes recipes for:

  • Lazy Lasagna

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu

Full article here.

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January 26, 2007

Blog Watch: Curried Noodle Patties

"What do you do with a big bowl of leftover pasta noodles? In this case I had angel hair pasta. I decided I was going to make some sort of savory noodle cakes from them. My game plan was pretty straight forward - I actually woke up this morning thinking about this. Toss the noodles with enough egg to hold the patties together, then throw in whatever else I could find in the refrigerator (in this case, tofu, green onions, and cilantro). I had a delicious lunch on my hands in under ten minutes. "

Includes recipe for:

  • Curried Noodle Patties

Full article here.

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The Minimalist: Cheesy Pasta, Redressed

"There was a time when pasta dishes dressed with just cheese, cream or milk were popular, at least with me and my family, but today they seem stodgy and fat. Although these popular standbys almost always feature a strong hit of black pepper, they don’t contain acidity or real spice, and seem one-dimensional despite the strong flavors. They’re also almost always white, beige and yellow, not exactly a stunning color combination for what for us was often a weeknight main course.

It doesn’t take much to fix that. Here’s a variation on a classic dish, pasta with Gorgonzola, that adds color, acidity and strong flavor without increasing the cooking time a single second. And it increases the shopping and prep times by only about five minutes."

Includes recipe for:

  • Farfalle With Gorgonzola, Arugula and Cherry Tomatoes

Full article here.

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Blog Watch: Cute, Cuter Mini Bagels

Want an easy way to make bagels at home? Delicious Days has a recipe for you!

"If your online browsing habits take you frequently to cuteoverload.com you’ll quickly notice that for the cuteness factor the same rules seem to always apply. Among many others, it’s size. Anything tiny there will make me go “ahhhh look at that” and then “I want one…”, same thing happened when I spotted the recipe for these mini bagels…

I am a big bagel fan and have become an even bigger one during my visits to the US, but I also have two big issues with bagels..."

Includes recipe for:

  • Mini Bagels

Full article here.

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Smokers Welcome: Try This at Home

Smoking at home, on the stovetop? A lot of people are doing it to great effect, based on this New York Times article.

"WINTER does strange things to grill lovers cooped up in city kitchens. They start daydreaming about smoldering hardwood.

Chefs around town seem to have that same impulse. Lately they have been smoking everything in reach — onions, tomatoes, chicken, fish, maple syrup. Some invest in professional indoor smokers, but the majority do what a home cook can easily do, rig a roasting pan with aluminum foil or use inexpensive gear like Camerons stovetop smokers.

After a 20-minute smoke and then a flash in a hot pan, chicken thighs taste like they are straight off the grill, but smokier, juicier and — depending on how you get your smoke — more interesting.

And the technique fills kitchens not with smoke, but with a cozy aroma, like potpourri, with Pavlovian effects."

Includes recipes for:

  • Tea-Smoked Chicken Thighs With Pomegranate Glaze

  • Smoked Catfish Salad

  • North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork

Full article here.

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January 25, 2007

Recipe News: Cool cucumber homemade spa recipes

"While we all know that cucumbers are great for reducing puffy eyes, their beauty benefits far exceed this simple remedy. Used in facial, hair and skin remedies this hydrates and nourishes both internally and externally.
Cucumber is from the cucumber plant, cucumis sativus, and is a part of the gourd family. They are made up of 90 per cent water, with the remainder containing vitamin B1 and vitamin C. These vitamins are wonderful for treating skin eruptions, pimples, wrinkles and facial dryness. In fact, our skin and cucumbers share the same pH level, and may help restore our skin's protective and natural acid mantle.
Try out these spa recipes to see all the ways that the cucumber can be used to soothe and soften. Your quenched skin and hair will thank you."

includes recipes for:

  • Cool-as-a-cucumber mask

  • Soothing scalp saver

  • Dead sea cucumber scrub

Full article here.

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