June 2, 2007

Recipe News: Recipes for grilling seasonings

While there are countless seasonings and blends that can be added to grilled food, there are just four main ways of applying them, write Andrew Schloss and David Joachim in their recent book, "Mastering the Grill." They are:

- Rubs, which add flavor to the outside of food by applying a dry seasoning mixture to the surface just before cooking

- Brines, which soak the food in a blend of salt, water and seasoning (the salt draws the flavor and moisture into the food).

- Marinades, which act like a brine but use acid (such as vinegar or citrus juice) in place of the salt.

- Injections, which saturate a food with flavoring from the inside.

Here are a few recipes to add some flavor to your grilling.

Includes recipes for:




Full article here.

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Recipe News: Recipes for seafood on the grill

Not ready to tackle a side of beef or spit-roasted pig? Start with something a little easier, a salmon steak marinated in saffron-infused vodka and citrus juice, then drizzled with basil olive oil.

Another popular method of grilling seafood is on a cedar plank, which are sold in most kitchen supply shops and many grocers (check the seafood section).

This method infuses the fish with the savory taste of cedar in a way similar to smoking, but without the trouble and time. And because the fish is cooked right on the plank, this technique is particularly good for delicate fish that might fall apart on the grill.

When buying cedar planks, it is important to select untreated planks. The planks should be soaked in water for an hour or so before using.

Includes recipe for:


Full article here.

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May 31, 2007

Recipe News: Tired of burgers? Try this grilled black bass recipe

Love to grill but tired of the same ole' hamburgers, hot-dogs and steaks? Lucky for you, James Boyce, executive chef of Studio at Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, CA has some great tasty treats that will cut the fat but not the flavor.

Includes recipe for:

  • Whole Grilled Black Bass

Full article here.

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May 29, 2007

Recipe News: Seafood Recipes

Includes recipes for:




Full article here.

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May 28, 2007

Recipe News: Best Homemade Recipes For Dogs

We all love food and so do our dogs, but unfortunately most owners share their human food and snacks with the dogs which leads to canine disease and obesity. Even the commercial dog foods which you think will add nutritional value will neither does that nor help your dog stay healthy. But many of the dog owners are not aware of the fact that commercial foods are woefully deficient in key nutrients, the long term effect of feeding such foods makes the dog hypersensitive to its environment. The commercial dog food is kills your dog because of the presence of chemicals in the form of preservatives. A recent study on the commercial dog food stated that it contains at least 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause various types of cancers, organ failures and many more heartless ways to die.

Even some reports are of the view that the commercial dog food contains the processed faeces (crap) of other dead animals. Not to mention about pet collars, flea collars, ID tags and plastic bags. So the best way to keep your dog healthy and provide him the best and most nutritious food is to prepare some food for him at homeFor this purpose Don Barton's ebook is a great helpful resource for pet lovers. The ebook tells the best recipes for old and young dogs. It also tells how prepare very economical but highly nutritious food for the dog from your kitchen.No need to buy costly ingredients from bazar. The ebook also tells some great methods of making dog shampoo,eliminate dog bad breath, dog safe insecticides all from homemade ingredients. For more details visit http://dogfoodrecipes.articalz.com

Full article here.

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May 27, 2007

Recipe News: Whip up a three-course feast to pair with the perfect rosé

Drinking your way through a three-course meal often requires multiple types of wine and as many glasses -- not exactly feasible for a picnic. It's why rosé is a natural choice for an outdoor, transportable meal. The wine's crispness and acidity pair well with lighter salads, but it's made from red grapes, so it can stand up to heartier dishes like poultry, fish and pork. The domestic rosés featured in The Chronicle's Wine Selections today exhibit a vast range of characteristics. Chances are, you'll find a pink to match whatever turns up in the picnic basket.

Includes recipes for:

  • Farro Nicoise Salad

  • Barbecued Chicken Salad Sandwiches

  • Berry & Melon Salad with Honey Tarragon Dressing

Full article here.

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May 24, 2007

Recipe News: The Best Spinach Dip With Chipotle and Lime

This recipe would be great to try for your next graduation party.

Includes recipe for:

  • The Best Spinach Dip With Chipotle and Lime

Full article here.

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May 23, 2007

Recipe News: Readers' rhubarb recipes

Hope your rhubarb is ready for harvesting, because several readers were kind enough to share some recipes.

"Here is a refrigerator rhubarb jam recipe that my husband's aunt gave me a long time ago," wrote Trudy Ruehle, of Bloomville. "This will keep up to a year if kept in the refrigerator."

It's very good as jam or even over ice cream, Ruehle said.

Includes recipes for:




Full article here.

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May 21, 2007

Recipe News: Swirled Black Forest Cake

Includes recipe for:

  • Swirled Black Forest Cake

Full article here.

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May 19, 2007

Recipe News: Healthy BBQ Recipes For The Long Weekend

Queen Victoria may not have been the girl of your dreams, but her holiday could bring you to the grill of your dreams. As people fire up the outside ovens for another year, it's important to remember your safety rules. Make sure you check on the appliance before lighting it up for the first time this year and be sure to keep kids and pets away from the open flame.

So what can you make if you don't have the desire for the usual burgers and hot dogs? The gang at Longo's came up with some suggestions and provided CityNews with these recipes for a few unique and healthy meals:

Includes recipes for:

  • Grilled halibut with orange-grapefruit fennel salsa

  • BBQ Pizza

  • Pizza bianca with ricotta, spinach & brie

  • Grilled fig and blue cheese pizza

Full article here.

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