January 30, 2009

Recipe News: Fill your bowl with these super recipes

If you were going to guess which day is second only to Thanksgiving in the amount of food consumed, would you pick Super Bowl Sunday? You should, especially if guacamole is your thing. According to the California Avocado Commission, an average 12 million pounds of avocado are sold as people prepare more than eight million pounds of the tasty dip for their Super Bowl extravaganzas. What else do Americans like to chow down on while keeping an eye on the tube?

Includes recipes for:






Full article here.

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January 27, 2009

Recipe News: Super Bowl snacking

You can't enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday without some good snack food, and many of those snack foods taste so much better with a great dip.

Here are several delicious dip recipes we've pulled from wire services and their archives.

We hope they score a touchdown with your favorite team of Super Bowl fans.

Includes recipes for:

  • Roasted red pepper dip

  • BLT dip

  • Creamy basil-onion dip

  • Bean and ham dip with garlic and rosemary

  • Blow-your-mind blue cheese dip

  • Nine-layer dip

Full article here.

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January 25, 2009

Recipe News: Favorite recipes line up for the Super Chili Bowl

Since the NFL season began back in September, the Howards have maintained a delicious homage to their favorite football team. Each week on their Web site, chicagofootballchili.com, they've pitted two original chili recipes against each other - one symbolic of the Bears, the other representative of the opposing team. For example, the Dec. 22 challenge pitted Urlacher Christmas Chili against Green Bay Packers Beer and Brats Chili. You already know the ending.

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Dan and Dawn Howard, of Lockport, run a Web site that featured different Bears chili recipes versus an opposing team's chili recipe all season. Now the two are gearing up for the Super Bowl.

"It was a very successful first year," said Dan. "We've had about 6,500 views of our site. As first-time Web site builders, we weren't really sure what to expect traffic-wise, but 500 views over the season would have thrilled us."

Overall, the couple has published 42 original chili recipes this year. That includes two new Super Bowl recipes currently being featured.

Includes recipe for:

  • Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Chili

Full article here.

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January 22, 2009

Recipe News: Creamy tomato & cheese, but lighter: Recipes slash fat content up to 81%

TOMATO SOUP and a grilled cheese sandwich make a popular meal, but its calorie count and fat content could surprise you. OliveGarden.com's recipe for cream of tomato and basil soup contains 482 calories and 34 fat grams per cup, but I slim it down by using a mixture of tomato puree, mashed potato and half-and-half in place of two cups of heavy cream. I also substitute chicken broth for white wine.

My alterations to this soup cut the calories by 74 percent and slash the fat by 80 percent.

The "Taste of Home" cookbook's recipe for three-cheese grilled cheese has at least 703 calories and 59 fat grams per sandwich, but I lighten it up by choosing light wheat bread and reduced-fat cheeses. My version keeps the gooey texture but eliminates the butter. Those changes trim the calories by 66 percent and slice off 81 percent of the fat.

You can have one of my three-cheese grilled cheese sandwiches plus a cup of my cream of tomato and basil soup for 365 calories and 17.7 fat grams.

Includes recipes for:



Full article here.

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January 20, 2009

Recipe News: Carrots: Perfect for Dark Winter Nights

Carrots are great to have around for healthy snacks, especially for children, and many of us buy them to make carrot juice. But how often do you plan dinner, or part of dinner, around this ingredient? It’s a question worth pondering now, in the depths of winter, when our choice of fresh vegetables, especially colorful ones, is limited. Among the nutrients that make carrots such a healthy option are so-called carotenoids, which are converted to vitamin A in the liver and are essential for the body’s maintenance of skin, teeth and the immune system.
Includes recipes for:
  • Two Grated Carrot Salads
  • French Grated Carrot Salad
  • Curry-Laced Grated Carrot Salad
Full article here.
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January 19, 2009

Recipe News: Recipe of the Week: Clementine Sassafras Ice Cream

This recipe was inspired by Wildman Steve Brill, who has a foraged, vegan version in his Wild Vegetarian Cookbook. The Wildman uses cashews for their creamy texture and actual sassafras roots foraged from city parks for their vivid flavor, but our civilized ovo-lacto interpretation can be made with ingredients actually purchased in city stores.

Sassafras extract can be purchased in gourmet baking stores, including New York Cake Supplies at 56 West 22nd Street. Sassafras is one of the key ingredients in root beer, and it tastes like root beer without all the distractions getting in the way.

Includes recipe for:

  • Clementine Sassafras Ice Cream

Full article here.

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January 17, 2009

Recipe News: RECIPE REPORTER: Recipe for Best Buffalo Wings

Salting the wings prior to frying helps rid them of excess moisture in the skin, which can cause the finished product to be rubbery rather than crispy. The Asian-inspired twice-fried method helps ensure tender meat and crispy skin.

As with all meat, be sure to leave the wings out at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking. Cold wings will drastically reduce the temperature of the oil. And cool oil doesn't crisp well.

Serve these wings with the traditional blue cheese dressing, sticks of celery and carrots.

Includes recipes for:


Full article here.

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January 13, 2009

Recipe News: Try new, satisfying recipes

There was a lot of conversation recently about Weight Watchers introducing a program to its members. Aptly named the "Momentum" program, its purpose is to help people control hunger, beat temptation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As part of that program, there's a list of "filling foods" to help folks get through those periods when they feel overwhelmed with hunger. These foods are high in water and fiber, according to a New York spokeswoman. For instance, breakfast might include an egg white omelet with mushrooms and cheese, along with fresh strawberries. For dinner, a piece of rotisserie chicken with barbecue sauce, salad and broccoli.

Includes recipes for:

  • Corn and Green Chile Frittata

  • Chicken and Tzatziki-Stuffed Pita

Full article here.

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January 11, 2009

Recipe News: Hearty Veggie Pesto Soup

On the weekend, I love to cook up a big pot of soup, so I have leftovers for the next few days. Often, I just use whatever ingredients I have in the fridge. Here's one of my creative concoctions. I happened to have some extra pesto so I added it to my veggie soup, and now it's my new favorite recipe.

Includes recipe for:

  • Hearty Veggie Pesto Soup

Full article here.

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January 10, 2009

Recipe News: Barley Risotto With Cauliflower and Red Wine

The Italians make a risotto-like dish called orzotto with barley. It has a chewier, more robust texture than risotto made with rice and considerably more fiber. I like to use red wine in this dish, both for its flavor and because I like the way it tints the cauliflower.

Includes recipe for:

  • Barley Risotto With Cauliflower and Red Wine

Full article here.

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January 7, 2009

Recipe News: Chinese chili sauce gives ribs a taste kick

Chinese chili sauce is what gives these restaurant-style ribs their kick. You can find it in the ethnic aisle of most larger grocers. Not a fan of heat? Substitute ketchup.

Includes recipe for:


Full article here.

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January 6, 2009

Recipe News: 01-07-09 Try Some Comfort Foods With A Kick

When the temperature drops, it’s natural for thoughts — and cravings — to turn toward soothing and hearty comfort foods. There’s nothing like a good casserole or a bowl of hot chili to make you feel good all over.

To kick up the fun in your favorite meals, try some comfort foods with salsa added into the mix. Salsa and picante sauces are convenient ways to add different flavors and heat up the whole family with a satisfying meal.

These recipes are fast and easy, making them great weeknight dinners for the busy cook.

For more creative recipes and serving suggestions, visit pacefoods.com.

Turn Up the Heat!

Here are some more ideas from Pace Foods to help you put some zip into your favorite foods.

Zesty Grilled Cheese -Dip your grilled cheese sandwich into chunky salsa or picante sauce for a full-flavored, zingy kick.

Fiesta Meat Loaf - Use chunky salsa or picante sauce instead of tomato sauce or ketchup for a juicy, zesty meat loaf. Just before serving, top with more salsa.

Soup Toppers -Stir any delicious flavored salsa into your soup for a fresh new taste. Try it in black bean, tomato or vegetable soup.

Includes recipes for:

  • Monterey Chicken Tortilla Casserole

  • Chipotle Chili

  • 2-Step Beefy Taco Joes

  • Mexi-Mac

Full article here.

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January 5, 2009


Nothing says dinner like a hearty flavorful meal featuring Mexican food. Instead of taking your family out to the local Mexican restaurant (or, gasp, the Mexican fast food drive-thru), let your family sit-down at home to this filling Mexican meal. These Mexican recipes are quick to fix, healthy and deliciously family-friendly.

Includes recipes for:




Full article here.

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