June 29, 2006

Recipe News: Fluff War is over, but recipes remain

"In Massachusetts, the birthplace of Marshmallow Fluff, folks take their Fluffernutters seriously.

How else to explain the sticky situation the peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches created at the Statehouse?

Last week's Fluffernutter War seems to have run the course of most sugary treats: a short burst of high-energy mania followed by a crash and the need for a nap.

Upset that his son had been served the Fluffernutter sandwich at school, state Sen. Jarrett T. Barrios, D-Cambridge, last week announced plans to file an amendment to a nutrition bill, limiting schools to serving peanut butter and Fluff on white bread just once a week."

Includes recipes for:

  • Fluffernutter Pie

  • Molded Fruit Salad

  • Whoopie Pies

  • Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Marshmallow Fluff Icing

Full article here.

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June 29, 2006

Recipe News: Zucchini recipes

These are good recipes when you are looking to use a different veggie.

Includes recipes for:

  • Zucchini Frittata

  • Quirky Zucchini Quesadillas

Full article here.

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June 27, 2006

Recipe News: Quick dinner idea: Mediterranean shrimp and asparagus

"When I saw this recipe from Liz Aull, it spoke of the flavors of summer: fresh asparagus baked with shrimp and tangy feta cheese.

A coating of zesty Greek salad dressing provides added zing. I took the liberty of adding color and texture with a sprinkling of grape tomatoes.

"I have been making this tasty one-pot dish for nearly 10 years," Aull said. "A co-worker shared the original recipe, which called for the shrimp, asparagus, feta and dressing to bake all together. After experimentation, I found that blanching the ingredients first kept them from overcooking."

Aull initially used Ken's Steakhouse Olive Oil Vinaigrette but now recommends its Greek dressing."

Includes recipe for:

  • Mediterranean shrimp and asparagus

Full article here.

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June 26, 2006

Recipe News: Rub recipe yields tasty pulled pork

"This is the rub recipe that I developed after seven successive years of judging at the Memphis in May national barbecue contest. It's not authentically Southern because I'm no child of the South, but it has been called pretty doggoned good for a Yankee girl.
We give oven instructions here (in case of inclement weather) but barbecue is usually cooked in a smoker or covered grill over indirect heat. It'll take about the same time. Consult your grill's instructions or visit a reliable outdoor-cooking Web site. To shred the cooked pork, hold a fork in each hand. Use one to pin down a piece of the pork, and the other to scrape shreds of pork from the piece. Because the pork is cooked until it's virtually melting, it won't take long to shred the whole roast."

Includes recipe for:

  • Rub

Full article here.

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June 26, 2006

Cookbook Review: The Ethical Gourmet

"More and more people are interested in eating better, more local and more natural. There's a lot to know beyond that "Organic" label, and if you are new to this line of thinking and cooking, where are you to start?

Well one good place is the new cookbook entitled: "The Ethical Gourmet | How to Enjoy Great Food That is Humanely Raised, Sustainable, Nonendangered, and That Replenishes the Earth" by Jay Weinstein. Weinstein, a protege of Jasper White, clearly knows his food. This book is his excellent attempt at reconciling great cooking and a new way of thinking."

Includes recipe for:

  • Vegetable Stew on Polenta

  • Vegetarian Chili

  • Rosemary Pork

Full article here.

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June 25, 2006

Recipe News: Two Low-Fat Chicken Recipes

Includes recipes for:

  • Barbecued Chicken In A Watercress, Basil And Lime Pesto

  • Coriander and Lemon Spicy Chicken

Full article here.

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June 22, 2006

Recipe News: Tomato recipes

Includes recipes for:

  • Fried Green-Tomato Cheese Stacks

  • Ripe Tomato Pie

  • Spinach-and-Artichoke-Stuffed Tomatoes

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Blueberry recipes

Nothing is better then summer when you can use fresh picked blueberries in all of these recipes.

Includes recipes for:









Full article here.

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June 21, 2006

Wine News: Can't sleep? Have a glass of red wine

"It tastes rather pleasant, is good for our health and may help us live longer.

But, if that isn't enough to convince you, scientists have come up with yet another excuse to enjoy a glass or two of red wine.

Research shows that drinking red wine may help us get to sleep more easily.

Grape skins - which are removed when making white wine - are bursting with melatonin, the hormone that keeps our body clocks in check and tells us when it is time to go to bed.

Wines particularly rich in the compound include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chianti.

The researchers, from the University of Milan, said their findings could explain why so many of us reach for a bottle of red wine to help us wind down after a long day.

Melatonin, which is produced by in our brains by the pea-like pineal gland, is also good for our health.

The hormone, which is also linked to libido and aging is a powerful anti-oxidant, mopping up harmful molecules called free radicals which are linked to cancer."

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Recipes help reduce high blood pressure

"After you hit the age of 55, you're at 90 percent risk of having high blood pressure.

That's a bit of trivia Alabama Cooperative Extension Service agent Cheryl Vasse offered during the EatWell class on May 31. Vasse encouraged people to begin reducing their salt intake even before being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

"You just get used to not having all that salt," she said. Vasse suggested substituting herbs, vinegars or lemon juice to add flavor to food.

Recipes at this month's EatWell classes focus on cooking to reduce or prevent high blood pressure. The classes, which are held at Cullman Regional Medical Center's LifeFirst Imaging and Oncology, meet at 10 a.m. the first and third Wednesdays of each month."

Includes recipes for:

  • Turkey Meatloaf

  • New Potato Salad

Full article here.

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June 20, 2006

Blogpire Productions Blogs Announce Investment in the Planet's Future with Green Tags

Green-Tag-Logo Type-Grn-1What can we say? We really thought our blogs should be a bit greener? As of today, we're going to buy enough Green Tags, also called renewable energy credits, from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, to offset the environmental impact from our hosting and computer operations for the coming year.

Green tags are an investment in the production of renewable energy sources through wind and solar power. Using clean renewable energy reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. By purchasing green tags, Blogpire Productions hopes to lessen our dependence on burning fossil fuels.

We also hope you'll help out as well. Individuals as well any business can buy Green Tags. Please visit the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and purchase Green Tags to offset your use of fossil fuels.

Full Release at: PR Web

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June 18, 2006

Recipe News: Summer cherry recipes

"The first cherries that begin their brief season in June make me happy. As a child we would eat them at home in Sydney around Christmas time. My mother would bring a cardboard box home from our local greengrocer, brimming with blood-red fruit, firm, tight-skinned and glossy, my brother, sister and I would gorge ourselves, staining our mouths and fingers as we ate the whole box in one sitting. I loved the taste of the sweet, fragrant juice slipping down the back of my throat and from our ears we would dangle pairs like earrings and laugh at our brother who ended up looking like a little girl.

There are two species of cherries: sour and sweet. Here I have only included the sweet, although sour ones work beautifully with game and in relishes. Sweet cherries originate from Europe and there are several hundred different varieties in cultivation. The range of colour alone - everything from deep, deep red to pale yellowy white - is astonishing.

To me they mark the beginning of summer; long, languid, lazy lunches accompanied by plump, ripe (omega) fruit means there really is no need for a dessert. Nothing can replace the delicious taste of nature's bounty, properly ripened."

Includes recipes for:

  • Cherry sorbet

  • Cherry clafoutis

  • Pickled cherries

  • Toasted pagnotta with bresaola, macerated cherries, robiola and shaved fennel

Full article here.

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June 17, 2006

Recipe News: Tropical Key Lime Chicken Salad

Includes recipe for:

  • Tropical Key Lime Chicken Salad

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Roasted Beet-Avocado-Gorgonzola Salad With Baby Red Romaine, Kiwi Vinaigrette

This seems like a nice light summer recipe.

Includes recipe for:

  • Roasted Beet-Avocado-Gorgonzola Salad With Baby Red Romaine, Kiwi Vinaigrette

Full article here.

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Coffee News: Green Mountain Coffee Offers Two Fall Coffees In Limited Edition

"In time for cooler days and longer nights: the return of two fall favorites from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Autumn Harvest Blend® and Pumpkin Spice are this season's Limited Edition, Fair Trade Certified(tm) offerings from the Vermont-based roaster. Both coffees will be available from Aug. 21 through Nov. 10 2006 at participating Green Mountain Coffee retailers, in the company's direct mail catalog, and through the company's website: www.GreenMountainCoffee.com.

Autumn Harvest Blend® is a medium-roasted Central American coffee with just a touch of hearty, dark French roast. Pumpkin Spice is a light-roasted, flavored coffee with enticing aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. Both are Fair Trade Certified(tm), which guarantees small-scale farmers a fair price for their beans. Fair Trade allows farmers to invest in a higher quality of life for their families, and in the care of their coffee plants, which results in a higher quality cup of coffee. Autumn Harvest Blend® and Pumpkin Spice are available in whole bean or ground form in 10- to 12-ounce bags. They are also available in retail fractional packages and in K-Cups® for the Keurig® Single-Cup Brewer."

Full article here.

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June 16, 2006

BlogpireMobile.com and Weekly Email Updates

Criticalgamers Blogad-1This week we have a new, exciting program, affectionately called BlogpireMobile.com! We want to reward you for being Blogpire loyalists. This is one way for us to say thanks. BlogpireMobile.com provides online exclusive offers on the very best mobile service, Verizon Wireless. This online-only offer for you is for $50 Instant Cash Back. That means no rebates, no hassles, and no money out of your pocket when you get a plan and phone. With this offer, there are over 11 FREE PHONES currently available.

But we also know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites and not just the one you visit everyday. Just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email each Monday morning.

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June 15, 2006

Recipe News: Grape recipes

Grapes have a great flavor try them in these recipes.

Includes recipes for:

  • Grilled Grape and Romaine Salad

  • Wine Country Grape Grilling Sauce

  • Grilled Ham or Poultry, Grape Chutney Sauce

Full article here.

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Recipe News: More pork rib recipes

Includes recipes for:

  • Melt-in-your-mouth ribs

  • Steven Raichlen's Asian-flavored ribs

  • That's the rub

Full article here.

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I am one of those people who loves rhubarb especially with strawberries. My Grandmother used to make the best strawberry rhubarb pie and I have never quite been able to master the filling it is hard to get the texture just right. I think I will try the strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe first.

Includes recipes for:

  • Rhubarb Bread

  • Rhubarb-strawberry Crisp

  • Vanilla-poached Rhubarb on Raisin-nut Bread

  • Roasted Rhubarb

  • Stewed Rhubarb

  • Rhubarb Sauce

  • Rhubarb Marmalade

Full article here.

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June 14, 2006

Recipe News: Recipes: Twists on potato salad

Here are some great twists on potato salad.Sometimes it is nice to spice it up.

Includes recipes for:

  • Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad

  • Purple Potato Salad

Full article here.

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June 12, 2006

Food News: Fondue Is Back: This Time It's Healthy

"In case you haven't noticed, fondue -- that 70's party staple -- is back. If you haven't attended a fondue party lately, chances are you will soon.
The bubbly pots of avocado green and fiery orange; the forks with color coded handles, the compartmentalized plates -- it's all fun again, and healthier too, says dietitian Vicki Saunders, MS, RD, Nutrition Educator at Transformations, St. Helena Center For Health's weight and lifestyle management program in the Napa Valley of Northern California.

"The 'old' fondue staples were primarily fat-rich melted cheeses or boiling oils for dipping cubes of meat, poultry, or fish," says Saunders, "delicious, but not always good for you -- especially people who are overweight, have heart-related problems including high cholesterol, or who are diabetic."

Saunders says that with a little creativity, virtually any sauce can be turned into a delicious, healthy fondue. "Today we're more adventurous in terms of tastes and food choices. We're more health-conscious too."

Included in her palette of healthy, tasty fondue sauces are fat-free refried beans, creamy garlic with fat-free cream cheese, roasted red pepper tomato -- even off the shelf tomato-basil spaghetti sauce.

On the sweeter side, think concentrated fruit juice, even dark cocoa. "Cocoa is a defatted chocolate," says Saunders. "Dark cocoa is not alkali-processed, so it has more flavonoids. Mixed with a sugar substitute like Splenda you have a reduced-fat and sugar fondue that is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth."

Full article here.

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June 11, 2006

Recipe News: Hummus: Middle Eastern staple healthy butter alternative

"Hummus, not humus. Sounds like something in a shovel full of dirt, (humus actually is found in dirt) or something that should be wet and clammy — as on a hot humid August day. What a strange word for something that tastes so good.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of recipes for hummus. Some are as simple as olive oil and pureed chick peas with a pinch of salt. I’ve had some really wonderful hummus at homes of friends or what co-workers bring in to work, or at a local restaurant called The Nile.

This Middle Eastern staple not only tastes good, but its healthy ingredients will help you replace some of the fat in your diet. Like salt or spices transform a plain soup and make it taste better, butter and jams make breads and rolls become something special. But the oils and fats in butter and margarine kill the waistline. The sugars in jams add more empty calories than most would like, too.

Hummus can replace these fat- and sugar-laden condiments without sacrificing taste. In fact, depending on the recipe, it can enhance flavor."

Includes recipe for:

  • Hummus

Full article here.

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Wine News: Turning apples into wine

"Goold Orchards started selling apples 96 years ago. These days, the farm holds breakfasts and pumpkin pickings, sells pies, makes cider, sponsors craft shows, conducts school tours and puts on a 5K run.

Now, Goold owners want to add one more thing to the mix: wine.
Sue Goold Miller and her husband, Ed Miller, plan to apply for state Liquor Authority licenses to allow them to both make and sell wine and also offer tastings at the orchard.

They have already started producing wine, which they give out free to friends, but they hope to get the license and start selling the product later this year or early next year.

"I want to become an even more attractive destination," said Goold Miller. "We really want people to come to the farm."

Goold's is not the first fruit farm in this state to move in this direction. In Warwick, Orange County, Warwick Valley Winery makes and sells hard cider and apple port. Across the state in Niagara County, a fruit farm has branched out into The Winery at Marjim Manor, which sells wines made from a half-dozen types of fruits."

Full article here.

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June 9, 2006

Father's Day Gift Guides from the Blogpire

Liquor Snob 125 Macnn-4We want to remind you that Father's Day is just around the corner. Actually it's next Sunday, but don't worry we've got you covered. Single Serve Coffee has a great Father's Day Gift Guide and so does Shaving Stuff with their Father's Day Specials. If you're really looking to impress Dad you might want to get him the ultimate TV remote. The Logitech Harmony Remote 628 - Universal Remote Control is nothing short of the best remote we've ever used and we think Dad will like it too. That's just some of the picks we've got for you from around the Blogpire. Visit our other sites below to find more deals and tales for your Dad on Father's Day.

Cheap Fun Wines
Italian Red Roundup
Italian Reds Rock

The Cooking News
Recipe News: Paula Deen shares her easy recipe for Vidalia onions
Recipe News: Hot new recipes for summer grilling

Liquor Snob
Bad Week Plus New Liquor Equals Good Week
Advanced Drinking Gear from Cocktail Vibe

Really Natural
Synergy: Trilogy Kombucha Tea
Sweet Seasons Lemon Bread Mix

Critical Gamers
Now Shipping: "Apples to Apples Party Box Expansion 2"
Now Shipping: Axis & Allies Miniatures D-Day Boosters

Single Serve Coffee
Rumor Mill: New Keurig B70 Platinum At Home K-Cup Brewer Coming in September
Father's Day Pick: Grindmaster GPOD Precision Brewer & Kona Coffee Pods

Just the Chips
Ultimate Dealer Button
Texas Hold'em Poker Table Top

Kitchen Contraptions
Hotdog Bun Pan
Appliance Panels

Shaving Stuff
The Expensive Side of Father's Day Shaving Gifts
More Father's Day Shaving Ideas from ZIRH

TV Snob
Deal of the Day: Logitech Harmony Remote 628 - Universal Remote Control
VIZIO Announces Breakthrough Father's Day Prices on HD Plasmas and LCD TV

Shirt Snob
Review of Threadless Winning Tees and American Red Cross Clothing
Crochet Braid Cardigan by Free People

GPS Lodge
GPS Review: Sony Nav-U70 GPS Review
GPS Review: FineDrive 400 GPS

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June 8, 2006

Food News: Branch out with Berries: Get creative with fruit recipes including strawberry salsa and gooey gummy worms

"Picking strawberries fresh out of the field and eating and baking with them is an early summer rite of passage in Oregon, but tradition is no excuse for lack of creativity.
The bright red berries - prized for shortcakes, jams and their sweet flavor - also make tasty salad dressings, bread, salsa, fruit leather and even gummy worms.

"People just can't wait for fresh strawberries," said Nellie Oehler, who works for the Lane County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service. "There are a lot of things you can do with them."

Strawberries are delicious sliced into a spinach salad, then tossed with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing and topped with chopped nuts, Oehler said.
They can be used in smoothies, over ice cream and - fresh or dried - on breakfast cereal.

One of the more unusual ways to prepare strawberries involves cooking them into a thick, glossy goo, then squeezing the mixture through a hole cut into a sandwich bag to make gummy worms, slugs or bugs. Like their processed counterparts, strawberry gummy worms are sweet and chewy. And they're fun to make.

Oehler, who leads an eight-week training program for master food preservers as part of her family community development job, recently showed off some of her tricks to a group of home cooks."

Full article here.

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June 7, 2006

Recipe News: Paula Deen shares her easy recipe for Vidalia onions

"Deen, host of the Food Network's wildly popular "Paula's Home Cooking," cookbook author and chef and owner of the Lady & Sons Restaurant in Savannah, Ga., says Vidalia onions bring back memories of family, friends and food fit for a king.

In the early 1970s, as a young mother on a budget, she occasionally splurged on steaks for Saturday night cookouts. "When the steaks and Vidalia onions were piled on our plates and we took our first bites, I think for a short while we all forgot that we were as poor as church mice because we were eating like kings," she says.

Deen's latest cookbook, "Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics" (Random House $29.95), is a collection of the best-selling "Lady & Sons, Savannah Country Cookbook" and "The Lady & Sons, Too! A Whole New Batch of Recipes from Savannah."

The sweet disposition of Vidalia onions is traced to Georgia's mild climate, low-sulfur soil and hands-on care. Seedlings are hand planted in the fall and winter. The sandy, loamy soil, moderate temperatures and gentle rains results in sweet onions that are hand-harvested and are twice as sweet as tear-producing storage onions and have half the pyruvic acid that can cause indigestion."

Includes recipe for:

  • Saturday Night Vidalia Onions

Full article here.

Check out Paula Dean's latest, "Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics" at Amazon.com.

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Recipe News: Hot new recipes for summer grilling

"With forecasters assuring us we're about to start seeing more of the sun, people are probably planning to start spending a little more time at the grill. For those seeking inspiration, here's a collection of recipes out of the San Antonio Express-News."

Includes recipes for:

  • Grilled Vegetable Platter

  • Grilled Pears with Serano Ham and Cabrales Blue Crumbles

  • Planked Salmon

Full article here.

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June 5, 2006

Coffee News: Recycling coffee grounds for use in gardens

"Coffee grounds are an excellent source of organic matter and plant food for vegetable gardens. Research at Virginia State University's Sustainable Agriculture Program a few years ago indicated spent coffee grounds contain about four percent nitrogen, one percent phosphorus and three percent potassium. All are important nutrients for plant growth.

It is commonly believed that coffee grounds are too acidic for garden use. It has been proven that most of the acidity is removed in the brewing process. Used grounds are generally neutral and composting them with other materials will buffer any minor residual acidity. Always combine spent grounds with brown material such as leaf mold or straw. This generates heat and speeds up the composting process. Incorporate the aged grounds liberally both before and after planting.

There are several other chores for early June. Dedicate a Saturday morning during the next two weeks to accomplish a thorough weeding of the garden. Weeds are easiest to control when less than an inch tall. A quick pass with a stirrup hoe or hard-tined rake will knock back baby weeds before they deprive vegetable plants of vital soil nutrients. It's much more pleasant to do some light weeding early in the season than to have to hack and dig for an entire afternoon in the heat of July."

Full article here.

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June 3, 2006

Recipe News: Tea Party Recipes

"Who says high tea is only for the English? Here are a few of my favorite tea sandwich recipes. These are great for a small tea party, and they are just the right size for a light lunch. Serve with hot or iced tea, serve with fresh fruit and top it all off with scones and fresh cream. Enjoy!"

Includes recipes for:

  • Savory Tuna Salad

  • Curried Chicken Salad

  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese

  • BLT Finger Sandwiches

  • Watercress and Olive Sandwiches

Full article here.

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Recipe News: Edible-flower recipes, June 2

"They look lovely in your garden, and you've heard they taste great in salads and on fish, but how do you really use that lavender, those nasturtiums and those pansies? There are books on the subject, but we went to a local pro, Jon Pell, to offer a few recipes."

Includes recipes for:

  • Fresh Grilled Alaskan Halibut With Nasturtium-Herb Vinaigrette

  • Orange-Pansy-Poppy Vinaigrette

  • Apple-Blueberry And Lavender Cobbler

Full article here.

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Food News: Report: Restaurants Should Shrink Portions

"Those heaping portions at restaurants - and doggie bags for the leftovers - may be a thing of the past, if health officials get their way.

The government is trying to enlist the help of the nation's eateries in fighting obesity. One of the first things on their list: cutting portion sizes.

With burgers, fries and pizza the Top 3 eating-out favorites in this country, restaurants are in a prime position to help improve people's diets and combat obesity. At least that's what is recommended in a government-commissioned report released Friday.

The report, requested and funded by the Food and Drug Administration, lays out ways to help people manage their intake of calories from the growing number of meals prepared away from home, including at the nation's nearly 900,000 restaurants and other establishments that serve food.

"We must take a serious look at the impact these foods are having on our waistlines," said Penelope Slade Royall, director of the health promotion office at the Department of Health and Human Services."

Full article here.

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June 1, 2006

Recipe News: Peanut Chicken Satay

"Chicken likes to stick to the grill, so be sure to give the grate a thorough spray with cooking oil just before placing the meat on it (be careful of flaring from the flames). This recipe also can be made on a grill pan, a heavy skillet with deep ridges that sear food much like a grill. The skewers may need to cook slightly longer on a grill pan than an outdoor grill - but probably not 10 minutes per side."

Includes recipe for:

  • Peanut Chicken Satay

Full article here.

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